More Raves for RAH! Workshops!

“What a blessing yesterday was.  I have heard nothing but positive, uplifting reports.  For me it was simply divine.  Many times during the day I found spirit tears (what I call them) dropping from my eyes.  I don’t get these often and when I do, I know I am in a place/state of pure joy. Such divine inspiration for those attending. Lory is magnificent….a true being of the spirit” JacE Macy, McMinnville, OR

” Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed both you and Lory today.  WOW!!!  This whole workshop blew me away…as I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I will be coming to another RAH workshop.” Judy Lunt, Western Oregon

“Many times during the day on Saturday I felt myself ready to weep.  It’s as if something was striking me at the core of my being, somewhere in the depth of my heart.  It’s as if something wants to be revealed or contacted or known.  I came away wondering what it is that is stirring.  Something peeking through the curtain of confusion and ignorance?  I am drawn to your way of presenting.  You have a kind of joie de vivre, a love affair with life and a way of showing that spirituality is not just serious business and certainly not concepts to be learned and followed, but rather a way of living life that brings out the native gladness and generosity that dwell in all of our hearts.   Lory is solid as a rock and so grounded in the principal of oneness with the divine. I am touched and grateful for the opportunity to spend the day with you. I am so delighted for Larie, thrilled really, that her voice is coming back and that she will undoubtedly be able to sing her song fully once again.”  Juanita Crampton, Newberg, OR

“Thank you Jessica and Lory for helping us along this amazing journey we call life.  For the hope and the joy – the wise words – the love.  Thank you for walking with us and being willing to share what you’ve learned.” MariAnne Gest, Salem, OR

“Thank you so much Jessica for the wonderful workshop here in McMinnville.  It touched me very deeply and I am sure everyone else.  God has definitely chosen you to speak through and to touch so many of our hearts.  Lory was also wonderful I just wished I had a recording of all that you two said.  Your sense of humor is delightful, entertaining and yet inspiring. Thank you so much for being you and for opening up to God’s calling to help so many.  The update on Larie’s healing was great –  I could feel so much power in the room! Carol Zinda, McMinnville, OR

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