RAH! Helps Baby Sleep Through the Night

This just in from RAH! Workshopper, attorney and new mom Dianne H. of Oregon: “My baby girl has had a difficult time sleeping the last couple of weeks and has woken up screaming at least four times each night.  After taking the Jan 8 RAH! Workshop I was rocking her and prayed from deep in my heart for angels to stay in her room to help her sleep peacefully…and she slept for 11 hours. The next morning I was driving to work and thanked the angels and a rainbow flashed across my windshield.  Since your workshop I have had a rainbow present itself every single day.  Without your book, I don’t know that I would have recognized my rainbows as divine.  But now, each time I see one it brings me peace and hope.  And my baby has entered a completely serene sleep habit.  Thank you!”