The RAH! Effect Continues: A Bird Illumined

Reader response to Roll Around Heaven all along has been wonderful.  We are treated nonstop to readers’ own close encounters of the spiritual kind, and are continually touched by their expressed gratitude that Jessica shared her own spiritual adventure in print.  But nothing has been more thrilling that a phenomenon we’ve come to call “The RAH Effect” wherein the mysterious energies embedded in the magical stories reported in RAH literally inspire readers to wake up themselves.  Today we received another RAH Effect, this one from a RAH reader in Western Oregon:

I  read about your blessed wedding to Tom the night before last just before going to sleep.  I had spent a minute studying the incredibly beautiful photograph of you both as the newly wedded couple and the birds flying overhead, especially the rather illuminated one.  So, the next morning I run to the kitchen to get a drink while the bathtub is filling up and as I glance out the window I see a very large bird; it must have been a hawk.  This, however, is no ordinary hawk!  It is being illuminated from it’s belly by the rising sun and it appears to be a glowing white bird circling over the fir trees to the NE of us.  I said “OMG” and threw on a coat to run outside in the sub freezing temp to get a better look and it is nowhere to be seen……….

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