RAH! Reader’s Quote of the Week: “Everything Changed”

For the last five years I have been consumed by the running of my business. In late October  the business was closed.  Suddenly my whole world as I knew it changed.  I went from 100 miles an hour to zero in a day.  It took a lot of adjusting and a lot of prayers to process the grief and accept the change.  By Christmas I was feeling excited and hopeful for the future and knew that God had great plans for my life. I was spending some time at my parents home and asked my mother, whose spiritual library is immense,  if I could borrow some daily meditation books from female mystics. She gave me a stack of books to take home with me. After going through the stack of books I settled on reading Roll Around Heaven first.  If time had allowed I would have read it in one sitting.  The story was exactly what I needed.  Everything internally changed.  I wanted to see light beings.  I wanted to meet the Holy Pig Farmer.   I wanted to not just know that there is so much beyond what we see, I wanted to experience it.  I wanted to know love completely.  Thank you so much for sharing your story so beautifully. It seems that through the hands of my mother and her amazing library God certainly was leading me somewhere miraculous.  Karen Lasher, Camas, Oregon