Rave Review by First-Time RAH! Workshop Attendee

“THANK YOU!!! I’m profoundly thankful to you for your book and guidance, the workshop and for the wonderful nurturing energy from you and everyone. It was a very special experience to have the mini-clearing session with you at the workshop. It was a blessing, and I could feel your wonderful energy and the peace it brought. And a BIG thank you goes to Tom for all the behind-the-scenes work at the workshop. All the food was so delicious,  and the room was decorated so beautifully and really enhanced this special experience.  I love everything you taught at the workshop! And I love all the recommendations you gave for further learning… I’m still absorbing it all, and I’m very excited about continuing my spiritual journey. I have joyfully been doing my homework. Watched “Wake Up”, am reading “Autobiography of a Yogi” and have been watching some very interesting DVDs about the Dali Lama. Thank you for being a great guide/teacher/person, Jessica, in my continued (and heightened) spiritual journey. I look forward to the fall RAH workshop.”   Mimi Burkholder, Portland, OR

* * *