Our Own Private Spiritual Idaho

Jessica, Tom & FashioNiece-ta Isabel, on the Road to Idaho

Last month we held our first-ever Idaho RAH! Workshop, then met all the wonderful members of Light on the Mountains Spiritual Center http://www.lightonthemountains.com/index2.shtml where Jessica spoke at the Sunday service.  We have so many new spiritual friends! All because of the good work of our Sun Valley RAH! RAH! Girl, spiritual jewelry redesigner Linda Giangreco, with the kindly help of Rev. John Moreland of Light on the Mountains.  Shop Linda’s beautiful “repurposed rosaries” at http://www.SacredStonesJewelry.com.  Jessica wears one at every RAH! Workshop (Linda renamed them “Bliss Shops”), and  stay tuned for our next Idaho offering.  Oh, and FashioNiece-ta Isabel Hart-Andersen accompanied us…check out her I Fly a Starship Fashion Blog — the coolest on the web!  Aunt Jessica is featured “posing” http://iflyastarship.blogspot.com/2011/05/winners-of-giveaway-and-day-2-of-my.html

Aunt Jessica Stands with the Egyptians
Izzy at the Cross Roads

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