The RAH Effect: Another Reader Wakes Up!

Since Roll Around Heaven was published we’ve received reports from readers all over the country who have experienced powerful personal spiritual awakenings just from reading the book. This is because the story of RAH is, as the Huffington Post says, the real deal, and the book itself is imbued with heavenly energies.  We’ve had a medical doctor hear garden flowers say “I am God.  I am God.” after he read RAH.  After reading 42 pages, a mechanic-pilot was awakened in the middle of the night to find his bedroom ablaze with brilliant light in which he felt “more love and peace” than he’d ever felt in his life.  At one of Jessica’s talks, a lawyer told Jessica she saw her Third Eye open…”and I watched it for the rest of your talk!”…which means that her Third Eye opened, and she’s reported more Third Eye experiences since then.  Yesterday, a RAH reader told Jessica that she began “seeing spirits” after reading Roll Around Heaven, especially animal spirits!  Welcome to the RAH Effect. It’s real. So read on and tell your friends — you don’t want to miss this. Oink!

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