RAH #10 Bestseller in Dutch Nonfiction

  It’s official!  The Dutch edition of Roll Around Heaven, intriguingly renamed:  “The Farmer, the Girl and the Guru,” is the Netherlands’ #10 bestselling nonfiction book. Our “Girl” in Holland, book reviewer Marieke Wolf,  confirmed this great news. Here’s the new cover – we particularly like the teapot on “The Girl’s” head!  And here’s Marieke’s RAH! review for the very cool online Dutch magazine  “Banger Sisters” http://bangersisters.nl/entertainment-/boekenworm/item/2298-de-boer-het-meisje-de-goeroe-jessica-maxwell  Thank you, Marieke!   — Knor! Knor! – (“oink, oink in Dutch)





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