RAH! at Ghost Ranch = “Divine Design”

We came from all cardinal directions: Long Island, New Mexico, Oregon, Virginia and North Carolina.  A visionary MBA, healers seeking community, RAH! readers with stories as mystical as its author’s, an advanced student of Ojibwe native spiritual traditions, even a Quaker-raised Presbyterian minister.  The snow cleared on Sunday, we went deep together from Monday to Thursday, exploring exciting new brain/spirit studies, sharing poignant personal clearings and healings, singing old sacred music while we walked the labyrinth and danced in a field patrolled each night by the resident coyote.  On Thursday we were graced by a powerful unscheduled afternoon with His Holiness Ngawang Tenzin Rinpoche of Bhutan who blessed the entire ranch the next day with an off-the-charts 11:11:11 Green Tara Empowerment that uplifted everyone in the packed chapel, brought many to tears, and left one attendee mysteriously emitting the scent of roses.  The Ojibwe master summed it up this way:  “There are those special occasions when the Divine conspires and designs the perfect placement of people, place and time for spiritual growth and healing.   The RAH retreat at Ghost Ranch was a true gift of sacred intervention.   Jessica Maxwell bubbles joy and love which envelopes all those willing to receive the blessings that come through her.  Add in the awesome majesty of Ghost Ranch and you have a true opportunity to transform and heal.” Please join us for our next RAH! at the Ranch, a Valentine’s week reatreat called  “Love as a Spiritual Practice”  11 – 15 February 2012.  The RAH! rolls on….

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