Reviews of RAH! at the Ranch Workshop

“There are those special occasions when the Divine conspires and designs the perfect placement of people, place and time for spiritual growth and healing.   The November 2011 RAH retreat at Ghost Ranch was a true gift of sacred intervention.   Jessica Maxwell bubbles joy and love which envelopes all those willing to receive the blessings that come through her.  Add in the awesome majesty of Ghost Ranch and you have a true opportunity to transform and heal.  Being part of the RAH family is gift that inspires .  All paths can come to center on love and understanding.” —  Hela Hazen, Portland, OR

“Thank you so beautifully much for all you did to pull off such a great week for all of us who participated in the RAH! at Ghost Ranch workshop. And a special thank you for letting Linda be part of it.  I’m sure our paths will cross again.” –  John and Linda Kolepfer, Long Island, NY

“I loved, loved, loved the workshop!  Connecting with a group of like-minded spiritual people made the workshop that more powerful.  Jessica always has the most exciting information for us and her attention to detail for ceremony gave power to it all.  I saw some areas to be healed and I was able to go toward the healing.  I’m still high from it.  Something has shifted. Thanks Jessica!   –Debbie Lee, Salem, OR  11/11/11

“Jessica has a sincere desire to touch the lives of each one of us. She is a force of nature and amazing to watch. It’s her attention to quality-of-life details that so enriched the environment of our RAH!  Workshop at Ghost Ranch. Four tablecloths??!! Silver tea set? Chocolate piggies and “enlightened” RAH cookie fixings?  In these ways she makes each of us feel like her honored guest.. Whether walking the labyrinth as a group in that most ancient tradition or singing sacred songs outside embraced by the crimson mesas, she gently held us in holy space..  Thank you, Jessica, for sharing all your spiritual gifts with all of us!”  — Colleen Samuel, Salem, OR

“I was absolutely flying with love, openness and joy by the fourth night of the workshop…plus, I felt I received a personal blessing from His Holiness of Bhutan — what an absolutely, lovely, loving, joyous surprise his visit was!  I’ve remained so open and free that new awarenesses keep popping into my consciousness.  What a beautiful gift!”      –  Liz Hill, Albuquerque, New Mexico

“Thank you, Jessica, for your spirit and hard work to bring forth healing with your divinely inspired book, and for your willingness to share your divine healing intervention with us and with the world.  The RAH! Workshop was was a holy gathering. I so needed the healing.”  — Janice Sutton, Asheville, North Carolina

“I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful week you planned for us at Ghost Ranch. It’s so much fun reflecting on how this changes you. It was so great!! When we showed my daughter a photo of His Holiness she burst into tears.  She said she just looked at him and she had no control over her feelings.  It was just pure joy.  Wow!  I feel elevated to another level.”  –Cindy Johnson, Salem, OR

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