Happy Tenth Tom & Jessica!

Ten years ago today we said “I do!” at Central Presbyterian Church in Eugene, Oregon, where we met.  It’s been our Decade of Delight as we forged a genuinely spiritual life together within the madness of the world.  Roll Around Heaven readers tell us our love story gives them hope, and we’re so pleased that it does.  It ain’t for sissies, spiritual marriage.  The bar is high and you can’t get away with the usual shenanigans of selfishness and ego.  Your emotions du jour do not rule the day, no one always defers to the other as in the yucky old server-and-served model of marriage, and when either of us disturbs the peace it’s back to the cosmic drawing board, spiritual toolbox in hand, to nail together yet another bridge back to the Source, and emerge (if we’re lucky) with the Light in our eyes which is the grandest gift any of us can offer our beloved (really good dark chocolate helps, too.)  Our reward for these ten years of devoted upper-chakra work? We’re off to Paris!  As we said we would on our wedding day. We’ll visit Chartres and the Eiffel Tower, have lunch at the Mariage Frères Salon du Thé and sip their fabulous Wedding Imperial, the tea we served at our wedding (and at all RAH Workshops), and renew our vows at the American Church in Paris where we hope the luminous spirit of Tom’s francophile dad, Hank, will bless our union once again.  We’re even scheduled to meet with an editor at a top Parisian publishing house who is interested in reprinting RAH en French — oo, la la!  Stay tuned for reports from, yes, the   City of Light!       Blessings to All,   Tom & Jessica  

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