Lama Karma’s Fire Ceremony Honors Author David Oliver Relin

Lama Karma Video IMG_0253  On Saturday morning, Dec 1 2013, our dear friend and Buddhist teacher, Lama Karma Namgyel of Bhutan, completed his 58th Riwo Sangchö Fire Ceremony at our home in Western Oregon. We especially honored the passing of Tom’s beloved father, Hank W. Andersen, in September, and the death of our friend and great supporter of RAH!, David Oliver Relin, author of Three Cups of Tea, and of his new book on two doctors’ affordable cure for cataract blindness which Random House will publish in June.  We are, Lama Karma explained, all vulnerable to external and internal obstacles due to karmic debt.  When we feel overwhelmed by difficult situations we can benefit greatly from a Riwo Sangchö ritual, an especially powerful booster rocket to our regular meditation practice.  In this ceremony we purified karmic debt by making fire offerings to all “mother” sentient beings of the six realms, and to Bardo (between-the-worlds) beings. If we have lost a loved one, we wrote his or her name on a piece of paper to be offered in the fire, along with any difficulties we, ourselves, were experiencing. These were offered to the fire with special prayers recited by Lama Karma. The smoke from the fire and incense burned during this ceremony was transformed into vast offerings blessed through the power of meditation, and offered to enlightened beings as signs of refuge and to all sentient beings as an act of compassion.  In this way, the Riwo Sangchö sends out beneficial waves of purification, and supports world peace and spiritual progress for all.   Amen.

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