Video of Jessica’s New “Open My Eyes” Musical Arrangement

Portland, OregonVideo of Jessica’s New “Open My Eyes” Arrangement On Sunday, August 4, 2013, a chorale of Westminster Presbyterian Church Choir members — and guest Irish tenor soloist Jerome Larkin — sang Jessica’s new arrangement of the sweet old hymn “Open My Eyes”…with a summer twist.  “I’ve always heard heavenly music in my head,” Jessica reports, “and finally decided to do something about it.”  The arrangement addresses — and musically resolves — the age-old conflict between the pull of summer fun and the call to continue our spiritual practices.   Special thanks to sopranos Miriam Knight and Sharon Eldridge, lauded alto Diana deTar, basses Tom Andersen and John Barker, tenor Clark Matschek, renowned pianist Teresa Wilhelmi and Flutist Gail Gillespie recently retired from the President’s Own Band in which she played at the White House for all US Presidents from Carter through Obama.  Listen for Gail’s exquisite rendition of Jessica’s new flute obbligato which members of the congregation continually called “heavenly.”

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