Raves for RAH! Workshop, Portland, OR

“I adore the Holy Pig Farmer! WHAT A WONDERFUL MAN!!!!  I am beyond grateful that you are sharing him and his Spirit with the World. I am already looking forward to the next encounter. The workshop was a huge success!  It was phenomenal and I
can’t begin to thank you enough.”   Sylvia Rose Taylor, McMinnville, OR

“Jessica, you were WONDERFUL Yesterday,  and you deliver your message with such Joy, Light, Happiness, and Conviction, We are all Starving to hear what you have to say. I looked at all the faces yesterday, each beautiful person hung on every word. You were feeding them the “Spiritual Truth”, and they need to hear it from someone who has experienced and is experiencing it. Carry on with your HEAVENLY ASSIGNMENT !”  Latimer Frazier, Charbonneau, OR

“My mind was blown open by your workshop. I said to the woman sitting next to me, ‘We’re going to float out of here when this is over.’ She agreed — we were already floating! I can’t thank you enough.”  Susan Ankeny, Portland, OR

“Thank you for an inspiring and inspired day. You demonstrate ‘walking the walk’ with your service to others.  You emit genuine love.”  Richard A. Herman, Eugene, OR

“Jessica while you were speaking on Saturday to our wonderful intimate group, I saw a vision of you standing in a huge auditorium filled with hundreds of people.  The group of hundreds felt equally as intimate as it was on Saturday. And I could see Lory standing at his chalkboard and filming a series for PBS and teaching the world his wonderful message of love.  You fly, baby!” Marge Artia, Portland, OR

“Yesterday was absolutely amazing.  Thank you Jessica.”  Loe Piscitelli, Portland, OR

” The JOY was had by all.  The workshop was wonderful.  Thank you for your work and sharing and healing and teaching and…… on and on.”  Nina Bradford, Portland, OR

-  Oink-You! –

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