“I had a fabulous time with Jessica on her journey. What an amazing story!!! Thank heaven someone is writing about spirituality with levity.”
Jackie Merrill
Aspen, CO

“I found myself rollicking down memory lane and deep within connecting with my own spiritual pathway. I am trusting your book to inspire us to be more attuned to the sacred in our day-to-day lives and help us to remain open to the spiritual realm in general and ultimately to God in particular. Thank you for making these spiritual adventures something that we can relate to in our own daily lives through your awareness and journalistic discipline. We all have these types of life experiences but too often we allow them to slip into the category of “spooky,” letting them deteriorate into a dangerous irrelevance spiritually. I was most taken with Tom’s affirmation-epiphany in the Dubai Airport; “It’s true that beneath our clothes and our styles and our ways and our skin color we are… we really are … one. …We’re just citizens of the world.” Now if only we could live that way in America after our horrific racial history.”
Reverend Curtis Kirkpatrick
Portland, OR

“I’d love to have a copy of your new book– my sister stole the galley and loved it!”
Diana Abu Jaber

“Thanks so much for your work. I really enjoyed your reading and am finding Roll Around Heaven a delight.”
Galyn Forster

“Jessica packs more into a sentence than any writer I know. Plus, she sees things I saw, but didn’t know I saw, until she writes about them. It’s like going to see a painting done by a great painter, after you’ve seen the object painted; you took it all in, but you only saw about a third. The painter, if he or she is good, shows you all the stuff you took in but didn’t see.”
Marty McKeown

“I am LOVING your new book. I cry every time I read it…what’s that about?”
Chris Himmelwright

“I’m 37 pages from the end of Roll Around Heaven and I’m rationing them so it won’t be over too quickly!”
Thelma Hunter

“I just finished reading Roll Around Heaven, and I’m returning to start to read it again. I’ve NEVER done that with any book. It’s wonderful to have a pro writer author a book about their spiritual evolvement and the events that woke them up to the ‘Real World.’”
Nadine Peterson

“Jessica, I am reading your book and love it!”
Margie DiJohn

“Reading your book… Great detail. Love your writing.”
Lisa Rojo

“Loved the book. Thoroughly enjoyed it and gave 2 copies to family and friends for Christmas!”
Kirsten Steen

“I loved you interview with George Noory!”
Melynda Hagerty

“Awesome show with George Noory last week !! Thank You Jessica.”
Ryan Mackey

“Congratulations on your excellent presentation of your new book Roll Around Heaven on the internationally syndicated radio show Coast-to-Coast AM. Jessica you were both inspirational and entertaining. I look forward to reading your book. ”
BlueSky Vineyards

“I have been loving your book. I have read it in stages and each time I get hooked, and amazed at all your experiences. What challenges and blessings. It has helped me so much too…it has bowled me over! I am nearly through, and then I will start it again, it is that type of book.”
Blair Holme