Something magical happens…

Something magical happens when you read Roll Around Heaven. The authentic spiritual spark embedded in all of the book’s stories often ignites similar experiences in our readers’ lives. We’ve received so many reports of “wild mystical things happening in my life, too, after reading Roll Around Heaven!” that we’ve given it a name: The RAH Effect.… Continue reading Something magical happens…

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The Pig has Flown!

On October 6, 2009, Simon & Schuster/Atria/Beyond Words published adventure writer Jessica Maxwell’s long-awaited all-true spiritual memoir Roll Around Heaven. Described by her best friend as “Lucille Ball trips over God,” the story flies from Jessica’s home in Western Oregon to the inner Himalayas, outer Scotland, Southern India and the Arabian Peninsula as she pursues her… Continue reading The Pig has Flown!

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“Rolling Around Heaven with Jessica Maxwell”

Our very first interview : Adventure writer Jessica Maxwell is no stranger to wild adventure, but this one tops them all! In this interview with NCR’s Miriam Knight, Jessica talks about her hilarious new book, Roll Around Heaven, and the all true mystical experiences that moved her from being militantly anti-religious to deeply spiritual.