Dr. Susan Corso reviews Roll Around Heaven for The Huffington Post: Jessica Maxwell and her book are the real deal. Inspiring, encouraging, full of enough good humor and awkward learning to make anyone on the spiritual path laugh and keep going.

Listmania’s Ultimate Guide to Soul Nourishing Memoirs for Modern Women: Filled with far-flung settings, polished prose, and travel writer Jessica Maxwell’s eye-opening and often humorous experiences, Roll Around Heaven will resonate with seekers and cynics, nature lovers and travel enthusiasts, and readers from all walks of life.

Our very first review (and it’s a rave!): Jessica Maxwell’s exuberant prose tumbles across the page like a whitewater raft, carrying the reader through the rapids, shallows, twists and turns of a pretty amazing life journey. This book has everything one could want: drama, adventure, romance, irreverent humor, spirituality and deep wisdom all woven through […]