BLOG: “The RAH! Story”

Rachel’s Hand 19 September 2010 Jessica Maxwell Miracle healings are a curiously quiet part of Roll Around Heaven.  At RAH! Talks and Readings, most people want to share their own mystical experiences, usually related to some sort of communion with a loved one after his or her death.  That RAH gives readers permission to do […]

The Frequency of Love 11 September 2010 Jessica Maxwell * Dedicated to Ben Andersen and Celia Howes on their First Wedding Anniversary * It began with the Heart Cloud. There I was, a frantic bride-to-be single-handedly remodeling my fiancé’s house while he was riding across the country on his bicycle with my future stepsons on […]

Raise Your Ebenezer! 13 June 2010 Jessica Maxwell Sometimes people ask me why I decided to go church.  The answer, as all RAH readers know, is that I didn’t decide: I was called.  If I had followed my own intelligent, progressive, humanist, church-free model, I never would have discovered intelligent, progressive, humanist churches. Or sacred […]

Thou Shall Not Eat Geckos 23 May 2010 Jessica Maxwell Professor Richard Rohrbaugh’s voice painted the Fellowship Hall with power. “In a recent study that looked at the values of Christians compared to those of the rest of the population, the only appreciable difference was that Christians are more willing to use nuclear weapons than […]

T.A.O. & Yogananda© 25 April 2010 Jessica Maxwell Four months ago, on a cold and Celtic night, two friends and I decided to call it for the country: We have officially entered the Era of American Spirituality. We weren’t prescient. Every poll in the last five years has shown that 80% of Americans consider themselves […]