RAH Effect

Oregon M.D. and RAH Fan, Martin Jones, reports yet another brilliant RAH Effect after reading Roll Around Heaven.  “I was walking outside and literally heard the garden flowers saying: ‘I am God. I am God.’  Then, that night, for the first time in my life I saw a spirit.  It woke me up and was […]

“I thought I’d share one little miraculous book-inspired incident with you (which I’m sure is being multiplied thousands-fold as your book wends its way into the world). My husband Wayne has had some spiritual-avoidance issues based on his early experiences with religion. This is why I knew your book would be so important for him […]

Something magical happens when you read Roll Around Heaven. The authentic spiritual spark embedded in all of the book’s stories often ignites similar experiences in our readers’ lives. We’ve received so many reports of “wild mystical things happening in my life, too, after reading Roll Around Heaven!” that we’ve given it a name: The RAH Effect. […]