Reader’s Quote of the Week

“THANK YOU!!! I’m profoundly thankful to you for your book and guidance, the workshop and for the wonderful nurturing energy from you and everyone. It was a very special experience to have the mini-clearing session with you at the workshop. It was a blessing, and I could feel your wonderful energy and the peace it […]

For the last five years I have been consumed by the running of my business. In late October  the business was closed.  Suddenly my whole world as I knew it changed.  I went from 100 miles an hour to zero in a day.  It took a lot of adjusting and a lot of prayers to […]

This just in from RAH! Workshopper, attorney and new mom Dianne H. of Oregon: “My baby girl has had a difficult time sleeping the last couple of weeks and has woken up screaming at least four times each night.  After taking the Jan 8 RAH! Workshop I was rocking her and prayed from deep in […]

**Next RAH! Workshop Sat, 12 Feb, 2011, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Salem, OR.**                                       Contact: [email protected] “Jessica, you were magnificent.  You filled so many hearts with hope and love and friendship.  You and Tom hosted us all so sweetly!”  […]

“A neighbor of mine borrowed one of my copies of RAH and LOVED it of course. She insisted she buy it from me for her daughter  for a Christmas present. She wouldn’t let me give it to her  — I keep a couple of extra copies on hand for that purpose. So now the book […]