Rande & Jessica’s Great Alaskan Adventure

RAH Travel Blog Post #3 – Rande and Jessica finally spot summer!

RAH Travel Blog Post #2 -  See Alaska’s Hubbard Glacier calve…directly off Rande & Jessica’s ship cabin! Hubbard Glacier, Alaska

RAH Travel Blog Post #1 – Greetings from the good ship Westerdam!  Rande (from RAH) and Jessica are on an Alaska cruise for their annual Best Friends’ Getaway. They’ve seen humpback whales,  sung sappy show tunes with The Piano Man, demonstrated how to put on a poncho in a gale (Rande) and learned how to say  “I ate too much curry” in Javanese from a waiter (Jessica). The finest RAH Moment was on the Amtrak train from Oregon to Seattle from where the ship sailed when the dining room guy sat Jessica at a table with two charming Aussie, yes, pig farmers, Neil and Merilyn Franks, who even bought a copy of RAH to spread the word Down Under.  May RAHonders never cease…   Oinks!! –

Aussie Pig Farmers Neil & Merilyn Franks!!


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